Birte Hella


My works are notations, personal totems within primal patterns, and as such are an acknowledgement of transience in their affirmations of continuance in the Marking of Time. They are records of inspirations and concerns that have spanned decades.

When I make a mark, and in that act stop time itself long enough to take root to 'just be' at one within each fragment that make up a world in a constant state of flux, one where surely Time itself thirsts for infinity. Within the ‘Nowness' of fleeting moments, made tangible in The Landscape of Life, marks are gestures, formations, symbols, myths and ritual motions culminating in visual metaphors of fundamental experiential divides.


Into the Future - Paradigm Shift

The Pandemic has thrust upon us the absolute necessity for change across the globe - change in how humanity steps into the future. As an individual throughout this period I have counted the seconds, moments, hours, days, weeks, months as though through a looking glass --- mirrors inside and outside my head continuously shifting betwixt holding tight and letting go.


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