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Art Bar, Gladstone Hotel, Queen Street, Toronto, Canada


In The 'Hunger Series', I strive to achieve the full impact of the process of consumption and, thus, of being consumed, by alluding to the act of slaughter. The 'kill', (humane or not so), that is an accepted 'act' necessitated by the need to survive, enabling the removal and consumption of flesh, to feed ones flesh _ be it with tooth or utensil. 'Eat or be eaten' _ it is the law of nature _ mutability.

THURSDAY, AUG 20, 2009 Art Bar

My works are ‘visual’ contemplations. Paintings, in oil and mixed media, from the ‘Stones’ and ‘Bones’ series, juxtaposed as counter opposites - the impermeable and the permeable; permanent and impermanent, ranging in sizes medium to large, form the exhibit.
The Stone Works, inspired by the formidable monoliths, which placed in a circular fashion by ancient inhabitants of rural England, are beauty, form, line, and motion in harmony. Known as ‘ The Stonehenge’, a prehistoric monument, its very presence, (especially when viewed at dawn and dusk), invites curiosity and demands intimate study. Silent, solid, solitary rocks; immutable, indestructible - seemingly timeless, they may well not be ‘of this world’, not ‘from this space’ - their presence being mirrored elsewhere by Monoliths dating back many eons, on earth and on other celestial bodies;counter opposites sharing the same earth…