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How often have we heard: “You are what you eat”? So, what about what we have eaten and what remains on our plates after we have eaten? As individuals and as a species we need food to sustain ourselves: too feed our bones via our life’s blood; we need to eat to live. Naturally, in our day-to-day existence we try for three squares, plus ‘just a few’ small snacks. Unfortunately, much too often it becomes a continuous ‘self-indulgent’ activity of ‘feeding the face’ – for no real reason, but simply because we can – the food is there within the reach of our needy hands. We will fill our mouths, our stomachs to capacity, and well beyond, without a thought as to what ‘exactly’ it is that we are eating – animal, mineral, vegetable – it’s all the same. Down the hatch it goes! Eating has become performance art – a social and cultural ritual – a void to fill a void. Eh. The very act of consumption, day I say feasting, serves multitudinous levels of basic human needs.In our ‘industrialized, Post-Modern world’ sheer physical hunger is, however, more often than not, among them.

As a species, we consume excessively, mindlessly, and endlessly.
We eat all that moves, all that grows, and more recently, all that can be engineered to seem to do either one or both, just to add another item to the list of ‘edibles’ for our open mouths of billions.

“Bones” are symbolic of what remains after the ‘all consuming’ feasting is done – they represent who we once were, and what we have become.