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This project is a visual dialogue as well as a narration. A conversation about the experience as a first generation Canadian - the successes and the failures both felt and observed during the process of integration into the Canadian fabric known as The Canadian Mosaic.

The challenges - the joys and the sorrows - the lessons - the ultimately the gains when the next generation thrives as the first generation acknowledges those losses shared by first generation of all immigrants since time memorial. People who by chance or choice have pulled up family roots to be transplanted from the old to the new.

In this long-term the project, this journey, I tap into personal and collective familial memories - snippets of insights about people and events in historical context spanning the lives of several generations, including my own.

Intuitive interpretation based on archival documentation, photographic referencing, family lore, and memories shared drives the narrative and art-making process.

NOTE: Obviously mostly left untold, so far, but here was an Art Exhibition in the town of Cochrane celebrating the family anniversary of 60 years of integration into the Canadian fold as part of Canada 2017 Sesquicentennial Celebrations which I hope to share that soon...

The Immigrant - Transplanted